Calender 2016

Got some great feedback for the 2016 calender! In case you couldn’t get hold of one here’s the digital version, so

Private photographic challenge

I set myself the task of finding as many motives as possible without changing perspective much at all. Here’s what I cam

A (very) subjective view of similarities and differences between the Greek and Lofoten Islands

Arriving on Lofoten in autumn almost directly from Greece feels a bit like going from a come-as-you-are beach party straight i

An alphabetical half-time resumé: T to Z

Travel. During these first six months I have realised more than ever how much I like to travel, be on the move, discover new p

An alphabetical half-time resumé: A to F

As I am about to enter the second half of my sabbatical it is time to review the first. Here’s what I found out, from A

From Zakynthos to Kefalonia

A short trip to Kefalonia in the Ionian Islands, Greece, where I hunted around for some not-so well known locations to shoot.

Making Of: Olive Orchard on Zakynthos

Towards the beginning of summer most blossoms have vanished from Zakynthos’ landscapes, turning the island into the arid

From the Aegean to the Ionian Sea (2)

I would love to spend some more time in Monemvasia with its ancient town, but the easterly wind beckons to round the ill-famed

Making of: Franchthi Cave

A little “Making Of” from Franchthi Cave in Kilada/Greece to disperse all rumors I was just being on a really long

The Franchthi Cave

At the northern side of the entrance to Kilada Bay lies an awe inspiring cave that bears quite some archeological significance