Decision Making and the Sunk Cost Effect

Pondering my own resumè of half a year sailing and photographing my way around the Greek Islands I found that things didn’

An alphabetical half-time resumé: T to Z

Travel. During these first six months I have realised more than ever how much I like to travel, be on the move, discover new p

An alphabetical half-time resumé: M to S

Media, of the social variety. Facebook, YouTube, blog. Argh. I dunno. Love it or hate it? It’s great to keep in touch and bu

An alphabetical half-time resumé: G to L

Greece. Greek. Greeks. A wonderful but troubled country in the midst of a crisis I find too complex to really understand. I h

An alphabetical half-time resumé: A to F

As I am about to enter the second half of my sabbatical it is time to review the first. Here’s what I found out, from A

From Zakynthos to Kefalonia

A short trip to Kefalonia in the Ionian Islands, Greece, where I hunted around for some not-so well known locations to shoot.

From the Aegean to the Ionian Sea (3)

Following up on the previous blogposts describing my recent journey here’s a short video to give you a taste!   &nb

From the Aegean to the Ionian Sea (2)

I would love to spend some more time in Monemvasia with its ancient town, but the easterly wind beckons to round the ill-famed

From the Aegean to the Ionian Sea (1)

This trip turns out to include many firsts for me, as was to be expected: planning a solo multiday trip, entering the mast (se

How to enter a mast solo

I know this is far from spectacular for anyone with an alpine inclination – but as people (and myself, to be fair) often