Slow Forward on the Hebrides (5)


Even if you are a temperature sensitive wimp as myself you would find it difficult, on such brilliantly sunny days, to resist the temptation to hop into the Atlantic Ocean. Especially if you are under peer pressure by a partner who is equipped with an inborn reflex of dropping her clothes and jumping into any lake or sea the instant she gets close to its waterline!

To my defence, 12 degrees celsius is a tad cold to most people, apparently with the exception of the Scots themselves, as they appear to be entirely incapable of sensing temperature. Must be, otherwise it is difficult to explain how they can spend hours on a windy beach in their wet bathing suits as if it were Ibiza in August!

If reducing the level of comfort for a few weeks is ok with you then the Hebrides will richly reward you. The „Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003“ provides a high degree of freedom  when it comes to trekking and camping in the wild, and even campervans such as ours are being tolerated in most places. Tents are not a problem at all. The official camping sites that we visited from time to time were all very well-equipped and managed by humorous, welcoming and friendly people.

So, what have I learned on this trip? Perhaps the most significant insight for me was that “Slow Forward Mode” is something I often find difficult to assume when old habits kick in. But, once I let go of my expectations, the most wonderful, surprising and inspiring things happened. Making plans yet viewing them as possible options. Being active yet not forcing anything.

I will keep at it, I will continue to lustfully ogle the map of Europe on our kitchen wall and I will make an effort to, well, not make an effort.

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