Slow Forward on the Hebrides (1)

Low tide, slippery rocks, a beautiful sunset: still falling I realize with some astonishment that my hands have decided not to protect their owner, but his photography equipment instead. Consequently, my landing completely lacks any elegance and I have a close encounter with Hebridean granite, which is, well, rock solid.

First reaction: hopefully my camera is ok.
Second thought: hopefully no one has seen this.
And then: the pain! Not from bruised knees and shoulders, but from bruised pride. That’s what really hurt.

Not that the long trip through Scotland wouldn’t have given me plenty of reminders for reason, topic and aim of this journey: “Reduce Speed Now!” I was being warned before every sharpish bend in the road – and of those there are many if you travel past Loch Lomond through the Highlands to the Isle of Skye.

So I find myself sitting rather sheepishly on my slippery rock, realizing that I am by no means near to where I want to get to. Not even the longest trip in our old T4 could get me there. Where I really want to get to is something quite different altogether.

Both my partner and I have quite accelerated professions: quicker, higher, further – you know the deal. What has bothered us both for some time is that whilst it seems we will have to simply accept that in our jobs, our yearnings point us in the opposite direction: slower, lower, closer. I am quite aware that we are not alone in this.

So then: Reduce Speed Now! And: Slow Forward.

A place like this calls for a relaxing break. Or a much needed shower.

Sceneries like these cannot be acquired, they need to be awaited.

Once all planning is being discarded, suddenly there is time to discover the many small wonders along one’s path.