Sea Trials – and tribulations (3)


On sailing to the island of Hydra (or Idhra) I have my first maritime visitor! It is a graceful sight on a lovely, deeply satisfying sailing day. Little do I know that I have yet another learning experience ahead of me…

Soon after dropping my anchor in the small bay of Nikolaos the northeasterly wind picks up and it starts to rain cats and dogs. A little eerie, all alone in a small bay with no-one to talk to! Quite literally, as there is neither phone nor NAVTEX reception, even the VHF reduces the weather report to incomprehensible static noise. Eeriness becomes worry as the wind picks up to 27 kts and my anchor starts slipping, despite 35m chain in only 4m of water. This shouldn’t happen, by all accounts! On top of that I manage to crack a tooth chewing on some snack and pick up a tinge of worry that I might have to deal with a pounding toothache as well. Luckily that doesn’t happen and I decide to bring out my spare anchor, an oversized 12 kg Bruce that I have bought just a few days earlier.
For lack of someone else to talk to I try a little self-coaching by asking my worried self “What is the worst that could happen in this situation?” followed by a chain of “And then?” which leads to the conclusion that even if Mr. Murphy came round (“everything that can go wrong will go wrong”) it wouldn’t be the end of the world. Comforted this way I (we?) actually sleep rather well!
Lesson number three: you are never quite alone if you have a talkative “inner team” around to confer with.
The following day rewards me with calm, sunny weather and a magnificent view from the top of a little hill on Idhra.

DSCN1185 DSCN1204 DSCN1157

One thought on “Sea Trials – and tribulations (3)

  1. Niko

    Als Garagennachbarn wissen wir ja immer sofort wann du wie unterwegs bist, desahlb dachte ich ich schau mal wieder ein bei dir!
    Beneidenswert – nicht nur um dein inner team (I knew YOU were and are never alone!!!), sondern auch um die Erlebnisse un Eindrücke.
    Solltest du vor 26.4. wieder mal da sein und Muse und Zeit für lapidare Alltagswelt-Kontate und andere Eindrücke haben:
    Vielleicht geht´s sich aus!!
    Viel Spass, Erfolg und noch so manch unterhaltsame Konversation mit dir