Sea Trials – and Tribulations (2)

The very first short sailing trip takes me to Porto Cheli, and I get a little more wind than I care for. IDA being a catamaran I want to test how well she will go to windward, and I fail spectacularly!

The channel between mainland Peloponnes and N. Spetses creates a funnel so I get the wind straight on my nose. Despite frantic tacking for two hours I’m not making any headway to speak of and finally give up, motoring into Porto Cheli. Not satisfied at all I contact the previous owner and he explains the particulars of Lady IDA. Et voilà, with the tiny jib on the baby stay sheeted just right she does go to windward! About 65 to 60 degrees from course over ground to true wind. Perhaps this can get even better with more experience, but actually, not so bad for a start! Lesson number two: it’s not the gear, it’s the skipper, stupid…



A little trigonometry to better understand IDA’s (or, to stay with the truth, my own) abilities to sail against the wind


Rustling up a dinner from whatever fresh provisions I currently have stored is one of the things I really enjoy. Feels like freedom!

I know this image is clichè, but looking up at your sails against the blue sky is just deeply satisfying!