Preparing IDA

In this first week I have busied myself with preparing the boat so it’s ready to take to the sea on Monday the 9th. Most of the „must do“ Iist has been dealt with, even the „should do“ list seems to finally get shorter. (The „want to“ list is a different story entirely.) If you ever owned a boat or built a house I am sure you can relate!

In case you are interested in the details, here are the main tasks I completed so far:

  • Detach winter covers
  • Buy stuff
  • Clean deck and hulls
  • Buy more stuff
  • Get electrician to check on the smoking (!) battery charger
  • Find out where what ist stored (you won’t believe the number of nooks and crannies on a small cat like this!)
  • Throw out stuff I won’t need
  • Throw in all the stuff I think I will need (and probably won’t)
  • Get outboard engine to mechanic for service
  • Buy even more stuff
  • Make a deal with Didier to look after the moored boat when I’ll be back in Austria in April
  • Find Philipp who helps with removing corroded anodes
  • Spray paint stern drive & attach new anodes
  • Grease all nipples of stern drive
  • Close all drainage holes
  • Change gear oil
  • Buy a lot more stuff
  • Renew anchor shackles
  • Close holes in gel coat with expoxy filler
  • Check and renew lines
  • Clean and refill extra diesel and petrol tanks
  • Get outboard back from mechanic
  • Buy all sorts of stuff
  • Store provisions for three weeks
  • Fill tanks with cleansing solution, empty again, refill again, emtpy again, refill again.

Still to do:

  • Change oil filter
  • Change diesel pre-filter
  • Check transmission oil and top up
  • Come up with and install a cheap DIY lazy-jack solution
  • Rig the sails
  • …and get going!

Γειά σας!