From the Aegean to the Ionian Sea (1)

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This trip turns out to include many firsts for me, as was to be expected: planning a solo multiday trip, entering the mast (see earlier video), mooring stern-to singlehandedly, spearfishing, almost running aground, repairing an engine, catching a fish and many more. So far, so good!

There are two ways to get from the eastern side of the Peloponnese to the Ionian Islands: go north via the Corinthian Canal or, alternatively, via Kap Maleas, passing the „fingers“ in the south. I choose the latter as it seems more appealing and, predominanantly, because the wind says so.
Following the eastern coast of the Argolic Gulf to Monemvasia I get a good taste of my catamaran’s movements. Still nervous about both my own and IDA’s capabilities I am rather tense as a fairly rough swell from the east hits us square on the side in 6 Bft. of wind and I feel a lot like on a rollercoaster. I can’t quite supress thoughts about stability curves for catamarans, but soon enough I start to enjoy how IDA patiently dodges one slap after the other, with the occasional shower breaking into the cockpit, but that’s ok and I feel rather adventurous. Best of all, a couple of dolphins suddenly appear and accompany us for an hour, playfully circling the boat, riding the waves towards us and diving just below my keels as if saying: what’s to worry, this is fun! I am in awe of their easy movements in the water and feel strangely comforted and reassured by their company.
Ieraka provides a pleasant overnight stop with a great view of surrounding mountains and a friendly local tavern. With an early start it is an easy sail down to Monemvasia, where I have a truly enjoyable octopus dinner at “Matthaios”, whose namegiving owner is what you call, I guess, a convivial host. He knows Vienna and is eager to inform me that the best place in Vienna is “not the garden with the big house in it, but: Babylon!” I am glad I know that now.

Here are a few graphical impressions of Monemvasia port beyond the obvious:

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2 thoughts on “From the Aegean to the Ionian Sea (1)

  1. Karoline Schlagbauer

    Lieber Wolfgang!
    Bei solchen Berichten wird Evelyn wohl ein bisschen neidisch werden, denke ich
    Alles Gute weiterhin – Schiff ahoi!

    1. Wolf Hoffmann

      Liebe Karoline! Das warten hat ja morgen ein Ende – noch schnell das Schiff auf Hochglanz gebracht und dann kann Eve auch schon ankommen! :o)