From 38°N to 68°N in 5 days

So what next? Seeking greatest possible contrast to the Greek Islands’ landscape, climate and culture I finally settled on a destination I have long dreamed of: Norway’s Lofoten Islands north of the Arctic Circle!
With sailing from Greece to Norway being pretty much out of the question I opted for going overland and by campervan. After some 2.000 km from Greece to Vienna the van needed unpacking of all things southerly and nautical, and re-packing with all things northerly and terrestial.  Done in four days, didn’t want to waste any of my precious travel time.The 3.500 km to Lofoten seemed a little daunting at first, but it’s surprising how the mind quickly adjusts to different scales. I for one want to reach my destinations without much delay, but still I felt a little guilty racing  past exciting cities and through wonderful landscapes without stopping other than for fuel or sleep.

After 3 days of relentless driving, crossing the polar circle during the night and feeding on the ubiquitous fast-food I woke near Narvik to the sound of the Atlantic Ocean, or the European North Sea, to be more precise. What a moment! Hearing the sea, a completely different type of sea, slapping against a completely different type of shore was like listening to the first chords of a symphony that you have not heard before, bearing a promise of great experiences to be made!


A last minute shopping frenzy – for necessities only, of course…


Trying to be independent with provisioning, particularly when it comes to the expected price levels


Almost there!


After sailing over water and driving over land I thought I’d combine the two and go amphibious


It already feels a lot like I am heading in the right direction!