From the Aegean to the Ionian Sea (2)

I would love to spend some more time in Monemvasia with its ancient town, but the easterly wind beckons to round the ill-famed

Making of: Franchthi Cave

A little “Making Of” from Franchthi Cave in Kilada/Greece to disperse all rumors I was just being on a really long

The Franchthi Cave

At the northern side of the entrance to Kilada Bay lies an awe inspiring cave that bears quite some archeological significance

How to enter a mast solo

I know this is far from spectacular for anyone with an alpine inclination – but as people (and myself, to be fair) often

Sea Trials – and tribulations (4)

Wrapping up my posts on seatrials I thought it would be just fair to share a view moments on video to whet your appetite for

Sea Trials – and tribulations (3)

On sailing to the island of Hydra (or Idhra) I have my first maritime visitor! It is a graceful sight on a lovely, deeply sati

Sea Trials – and Tribulations (2)

The very first short sailing trip takes me to Porto Cheli, and I get a little more wind than I care for. IDA being a catamaran

Preparing IDA

In this first week I have busied myself with preparing the boat so it’s ready to take to the sea on Monday the 9th. Most of

Basic equipment for a one year photo sabbatical

After all the pros and cons, the tos and fros and do’s and don’ts I have finally arrived at the decision that I will be de

Taking a Sabbatical

„I have no time for what is important to me“ is something I hear a lot from executives in coaching sessions. This is not m