An alphabetical half-time resumé: M to S

Media, of the social variety.

M edia
Facebook, YouTube, blog. Argh. I dunno. Love it or hate it? It’s great to keep in touch and build an audience. Also it gently forces me to do my homework and feed the beasts regularly with posts, so I don’t get sloppy. On the other hand I find myself becoming junked up on internet access, craving for likes and comments and shares. And then the bloody things are moving targets, certain to have precisely the very feature changed tomorrow that I finally figured out today.


N DSC_0655
It’s easy to think that the range of interesting landscapes within the Greek islands is limited and repetitive. I have taken the decision early to skip the Shipwreck Bays, Blue Caves and Mirtos Beaches as I don’t think I am enough of a photographer to bring some outrageously new perspectives to motives that have been photographed a gazillion times. Granted, it does take quite a bit of scouting to find lesser known locations that won’t make everyone yelp “I know this!” at first sight. But I find it more rewarding.


O Screenshot_2015-09-17-12-51-41
Something I hear myself exclaim quite frequently. For example: ‘Oh! So that’s where that screw belongs that suddenly bopped about in the engine bay!’ or ‘Oh! I wasn’t that close to the shore last evening when I dropped the anchor!’. And many more enlightening learning experiences.


P DSC_0934
The main reason for this journey. The combination of sailing and photography turns out to be more of a challenge than I suspected, as with the boat I rarely get to anchor right in front of interesting locations, so leaving the boat in port and getting a rental car is my modus operandi. I wish I had more time for it.

Quakers? Quaeludes? Quarks?

I have absolutely no idea what to do with this one, sorry.


R 20150430_110740
Sailing wouldn’t be half the fun if it didn’t come with waiting for weeks for spare parts in a noisy place, or splashing hydrochloric acid on your arm when de-scaling the cooling water system, or getting some grimy muck right in your face on repairing the grey water pump, or changing diesel and oil filters, replacing the outboard engine propeller, having the bimini re-stitched, sealing up a window or two,… You get the picture.


S DSCN1136
All rubbish, if you ask me. It has nothing to do with superstition when it is an observable fact that the wind turns in my favour when I have grateful thoughts. And of course the only reason why IDA is still holding most of her parts together is that I haven’t renamed her. So there’s that.

2 thoughts on “An alphabetical half-time resumé: M to S

  1. Walter

    Deine Erlebnisse und Eindrücke haben den Aufwand sicher gelohnt und niemand kann sie dir nehmen!
    Viel Glück beim neuen Abenteuer und alles Gute weiterhin!

    1. Wolf Hoffmann

      Da hast Du natürlich recht, Walter! Aber ich freu mich auch schon auf kühlere Abenteuer… Liebe Grüsse! Wolf