An alphabetical half-time resumé: G to L

Greece. Greek. Greeks.

G 20150826_213840
A wonderful but troubled country in the midst of a crisis I find too complex to really understand. I have the suspicion I might not be alone in that. The language is still way over my head, although I have been taught a Greek tongue twister that has scored me some friendly points with the locals. I know, that’s a little cheap but it worked.
As much as I envy the laid back attitude of many Greeks, see image above, I’m still doubtful my admiration extends to how they go about their road traffic. What struck me most, though, is their open friendlyness, that goes well beyond commercially motivated fraternization. Great people!

High season.

H 2015-08-06 18.42.23
Certainly to be avoided by me in the future, at least in the Mediterranean. Expensive, hot, busy and loud. I am just not the party type.


I 20150302_171831
Other than in my original profession as a sales and leadership trainer this trip is all about blacks and whites. Either the anchor holds or it doesn’t. The engine will start or it won’t. You cast off or you stay in port. And there is certainly no debating an obvious wrong into a convincing right.
Very refreshing, really!


J DSCN2001
I have realised with no amazement that I can cope quite well without having to work, for now anyways. I wonder how I will be coping once I have to get back into the old rat race. But then’s then.


K DSCN1972
I miss them badly some days. Despite being stuck in the same place for ten days we had a wonderful time when they visited. And they have been great sports in dealing with the lack of space, the immense heat and the generally reduced possibilities of life aboard. Great kids, these two are, I’m lucky to be their father.


F DSCN1200
I feel ambivalent about that. I miss my partner, someone I can share experiences and thoughts with or discuss critical decisions. Besides the obvious. But I also do enjoy the moments of solitude, the accountability only to myself – and, foremost, nature’s forces.